Saturday, October 04, 2008

Biden: Obama's vote would have killed American Troops

Interesting video of Joe Biden attacking Obama and company for voting against funding for our troops:

I have no idea how he feels comfortable being on the same ticket with that man.


  1. Get your facts straight. Obama voted against legislature that would not included a timeline, legislature that would essentially give George W. another blank check. McCain voted against the same legislature that had a timeline. By this logic, McCain and Obama voted against the troops. In fact, Obama voted against unchecked taxpayer dollars going to Bush. And that was once. Obama voted 10 other times in favor of troop funding. McCain voted for no troop reduction timelines.

    McCain Loses Debate

  2. I should get my facts right? Maybe you should direct your comment to Joe Biden, he's the one in the video. I know what the spin is now, but that wasn't the spin during the Dem primary.

    As for me, I don't believe for one moment that Obama has the slightest love for America. His entire life has been associated with one hate-America person and terrorist after another; from the Reverend Wright to William Ayres. You can believe what you want.


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