Thursday, October 16, 2008

300 Chinese take 12 Israeli Hostages on Remote, British Caribbean Island

File this under the "you cannot make this stuff up category":
This is by far the strangest news story of the day, even stranger than Joe the Plumber becoming the center of the US Presidential campaign. It also relates directly to the global economic meltdown:

It seems that an Israeli Real Estate company was developing a resort on a tiny, remote Caribbean island when the US company financing the project, Lehman Brothers, collapsed, causing the project to shut down. The Israelis had hired about 300 Chinese laborers and were forced to inform them that the project had been canceled and, apparently, that there was no money to pay them. The Chinese laborers promptly took their Israeli supervisors hostage and are holding out until they are paid. The island is tiny, and is owned by Great Britain.

So what we have here is a situation where a group of Chinese laborers have conquered a British owned Island and have taken 12 Israelis hostage because a US investment bank failed. GOOD LORD!!!

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