Friday, September 12, 2008

What if McCain had a Brother Living in Abject Poverty?

Can anyone imagine what the media reaction would be if John McCain had a brother living in abject poverty with no assistance from his own brother who is a candidate for President of the United States, purporting to speak for the "little guy"? And when I say poverty, I don't mean American-type poverty, where poverty means an old refrigerator and a broken down car in a rundown neighborhood. I mean poverty of the sort you find in the worst of the third world where folks live on less than a dollar a day and live in filthy huts. The kind of poverty that I have seen firsthand during my many travels to many third world countries.
That is in fact the situation with George Obama,the brother of Senator Barack Obama. In this photo, it looks like someone recently bought George a new set of clothes when compared to the photo's a few weeks ago. But he still lives in that shanty-town hut in abject poverty, while his brother prances around on a private jetliner talking about "helping" those in poverty. Apparently, Obama is unfamiliar with the concept of "charity begins at home." If this was the situation with John McCain, I assure you we would never hear the end about his heartlessness. Instead, all we hear is how Sarah Palin's family are imperfect. Wow!


  1. This news item about Barack Obama's brother living in abject poverty is from several weeks ago. Has Obama not responded yet so that he can say, "Hey, I'm my brother's keeper. I send him $100.00 so he's a rich man now."

    If Obama has not sent his brother some form of help by now, shame on Obama; bad Obama -- sit Ubu, sit.

    Down with Obama. Long live America!

  2. OB needs to show he has humble roots?

    M. Wilcox


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