Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tony Blair's Whako Sister-in-Law: This Place is like Darfur or a Concentration Camp

the loony left-wing sister-in-law of former British PM Tony Blair, Lauren Booth, is stuck in Gaza. She arrived there illegally by boat and now can't secure entry into Israel or Egypt. So she has taken to talking to the media by phone, giving hysterical reports about how Gaza is like Darfur where people are starving to death in the streets and being chased down by imaginary evil Jews who don't even live there. She then described Gaza as similar to a German concentration camp. All of this rhetoric was given just after a visit to her local Gaza corner store....which also looks just like any corner store in Darfur or Auschwitz.

1 comment:

  1. Lauren Booth,
    Go to Darfur and see the genocide being perpetrated by muslims,watch as people are hacked to death wth machetes and children are raped then make that comparison
    Go to the remains of the camps made by nazis and cry for those men, women and children starved to death, used in "medical" experiments, gassed for "efficiency" and worked to death in forced labor then make that statement.

    M. Wilcox


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