Monday, September 01, 2008

Rep. Wexler Trashes Palin On Israel, But Reality Speaks Louder Than Wexler's Ugly Words

For those of you who have had questions regarding Sarah Palin and her views on Israel, we thought that you would be interested in the following interview with her in her office in Juneau. The interview has nothing to do with Israel and doesn't mention Israel, but it says everything. Please check out the video below and pay particular attention to what you see over her shoulder, hanging in her office without any prompting or political advantage to speak of at the time. View at timestamp 6:50-7:55 in the video:

Wexler is clearly a partisan extremist and the kind of Kapo Jew who would send Israel down the toilet if it gave Democrats a political advantage. On the other hand, Palin seems to be the kind of principled Christian that doesn't need to be "lobbied" to do the right thing. As a Jew, I will go with the likes of Palin over Wexler every time.

Palin meets with the Jewish community of Alaska, with whom she has maintained a warm relationship for a long time, Wexler's disgusting little smear not withstanding:

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