Monday, September 29, 2008

Hey Jennifer, Prosecute This You Witch


I hereby urge Missouri Prosecutor, the witch Jennifer Joyce to prosecute me for asserting the above loudly!

Prosecutor Jennifer Joyce, and other Missouri law enforcement personnel who have joined Obama's "truth squad" should themselves be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for voter intimidation, crude violations of the first amendment, and corrupt, abuse of their public office. This is a real jaw-dropper and a little jail time would send the right message to other public officials inclined to abuse their office in such a blatant manner.

These folks are clearly bucking for an Obama appointment should he win and have decided to abuse their public office to win favor with the presidential candidate. A blatant and unprecedented assault on the first amendment with police state-like tactics. They are clearly trying to intimidate voters and claim a monopoly on truth. That the Obama folks would ask them to do this is also beyond the pale and a real eye-opener as to what may be in store for free speech in this country should he be elected.

I certainly don't believe that being a member of the insane Reverend Wright's Church for 20 years qualifies anyone as a "Christian". A whitey-hating, Jew-hating bigot, maybe, but not a Christian. As for Taxes? Yes, Obama will raise your taxes if you earn under $250,000. Do you have a problem with me believing that and saying so loudly, Prosecutor? Bring it on witch.

PS: And yes, this is a public assault on your character because I believe that anyone who would use their public office to try to suppress free speech is a person of low character who shouldn't be anywhere near real power.

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