Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Obama: 'Lipstick on a Pig'

Gee, I wonder who he was talking about. I guess Democrats can get away with this kind of ugly Misogyny. Imagine a Republican making this kind of remark.

Dems sexiest theme of the day: LIPSTICK. Of course, Obama now denies that his remark had anything to do with Palin or her reference to the difference between a hockey mom and a Pit Bull being "lipstick." Stay classy Barack. Meanwhile, while Obama was busy calling Palin a pig, Palin was busy embracing a Down Syndrome child on the campaign trail:

Joe Biden thinks he's just like Obama and can make folks in wheelchairs walk:

Imagine Palin or McCain making such a gaff. Of course, it was an Innocent gaff and does not reflect badly on Biden, but no such slack would be given to a Republican.


  1. Could you confirm whether John McCain use this phrase to describe Hillary Clinton's healthcare plan a while back?

    It would seem to be a bit of a stretch to conclude that this common phrase is a slight against Governer Palin.

    Bob Jenkins, UK

  2. OK Bob, you believe what you will. I think it's a stretch to believe that there is no direct connection. First Palin uses the "lipstick" metaphor in her speech. Then a number of high-profile Obama surrogates use the "lipstick" metaphor against her earlier in the day... then Obama himself uses it later in the day. Yeah, I'm sure it's all just a complete coincidence. There is a YouTube of the Obama's speech. Take a look at the crowd behind Obama reacting to his statement. They understood clearly what he meant and so did most folks watching on TV. He and his mouthpieces can deny all they want.

  3. While there was no direct mention of Palin, the audience roared and jumped to its feet in a similar fashion as when she used the 'lipstick line.'

    If Barack Obama wasn't thinking about the joke Sarah Palin told about lipstick and hockey moms at the Republican National Convention last week, the crowd certainly was...laughing and clapping before he even finished the attack.

    Perhaps this explains the 20-point net swing in McCain's favor in the so-called pant suit vote.

  4. Perhaps I'm missing some hidden meaning to 'pig' - if I were being rude I might use it to describe someone who had bad personal hygiene or wasn't particularly comely, neither of which Gov. Palin appears to be.

    Was Barack Obama implying that Gov. Palin is greedy?

    Sorry to be anonymous again - will sign up for the next post!


  5. Bob don't bother.

    You can spend the next 55 days talking about "mavericks" and "lipstick" and "hockey mom" and "elitist".... won't help your sorry country any.

    A good issues-based dialogue is what is needed. Don't expect to get it here.


  6. Is there not one person who has the ability to think logically and critically? It's as if I'm living in a world of people who read People.

    A metaphor uses other objects or circumstances to describe or relate to another situation. If Obama was referencing Palin then wouldn't she be the lipstick and McCain, his policies, rhetoric and/or his campaign be the pig?

    Is it really that difficult to understand or are people more interested in soap opera politics?

    I haven't heard one person intelligently describe what he said. Welcome to the trailer park of the world.

  7. to: bob jenkins UK -- yes, McCain did use the lipstick on a pig to describe hillary's proposal during the primaries


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