Monday, September 22, 2008

Media: If you don't vote for Obama... There's a good chance You're a racist.

There they go again:
They just can't help themselves. Why are Obama supporters playing the race card at every turn? Has anyone heard the Republicans bring up race in this campaign even once? Once again, Media types are desperately trying to guilt regular folks like you into voting for the extreme left-winger, by calling you ugly names if you don't.

Of course, it was not you who went to a race-centric church for twenty years where hate-America, hate-whitey, anti-Semitic rantings were delivered on a weekly basis. It was barack Obama himself who did that. Non-the-less, the media ignores Obama's associations over a period of decades with some of this country's vilest haters, and put the race thing on you instead. How convenient.

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