Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Dems on the Other hand, Hush Up Their Inconvenient Pregnancies By Killing their Babies - And Calling It a "Choice"

When there is an inconvenient pregnancy in the family of any "respectable" Democrat, the usual method is to immediately send the daughter off to the private abortion mill to kill the baby and quickly hush the matter up so the world won't know. Chelsea Clinton and Ashley Blazer Biden could have had 20 pregnancies and abortions between them before the age of 19, and we would never know. Ah, the political advantage of being pro-abortion is that the world never gets to see... well you get it. The Palin family on the other hand knew this would become known, but chose to stick to their principles anyway, no matter how politically inconvenient, no matter how the East Coast chattering classes would react. That shows far more character than your typical liberal will muster in a lifetime.

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  1. What is driving the Democrats crazy? Is it that both Sarah Palin and her daughter have made a CHOICE? And that choice is NOT abortion. But this is very telling because why would there be so much hateful rhetoric if in fact the Democrats were pro-Choice. Fact is, they’re not. Democrats and especially Barack Obama, in a most grotesque way, is hard line Pro-Abortion and Pro-Infanticide. That’s why they don’t respect the CHOICE that was made — which is to cherish life. It upsets and cramps their ‘Democrat Progressive’ style.

    To be sure, Mr. Obama is the worst thing that ever happened to choice, women’s rights, freedom from an intrusive government and more. Mr. Obama is NOT fit to lead — he is NOT experienced. Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden BOTH — joined together at the hip — do not have any executive talent or experience.


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