Friday, September 05, 2008

Breaking: Record Audience as McCain Beat Obama in TV Viewers of His Speech.

Direct from Nielson Ratings

* More than half a million more people watched John McCain’s acceptance speech (38.9 million) than Barak Obama’s the week before (38.4 million). Even though McCain's speech was up against the NFL Giants-Redskins game.
* Regarding the gender gap, significantly more men (17.9 million) watched McCain’s speech than Obama’s (16.2 million), while more women watched Obama’s speech (19.9 million) than McCain’s (19.2 million).
* More than 5 million more white viewers watched the McCain speech (32.2 million) than the Obama speech (27.0 million). Among African Americans, the reverse was true, with 4.5 million more African Americans watching Obama (7.5 million) than McCain (3.1 million)

1 comment:

  1. You forgot to mention McCains Speech was also carried on four fewer stations, surprise surprise no BET for the Repubs.

    M. Wilcox


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