Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Biden Slams AIPAC

He says he "supports Israel" but that "AIPAC doesn't speak for the entire Jewish community," and it "doesn't speak for the state of Israel." In other words, Biden is going for the pro-Israel vote and the Anti-Semitic vote at the same time. He knows that slamming AIPAC plays well in certain circles. By reassuring folks on Israel while slamming AIPAC he gets the weak Jewish vote, and the hate-Israel vote, which will help to offset the strong pro-Israel vote in the Jewish community, especially in Florida. Biden knows what he's doing by slamming AIPAC.


  1. If Mr Obama is really interested in "change" we can believe in then he needs to "change" the same old rhetoric, and dogmatic, unquestioned, unconditional support of Israel. Level the playing field and be an honest broker of the "change" he is espousing. Obama is no fool but it sounds like AIPAC is doing their best to bias Obama to be an Israel firster.

    I will be proud of the day when the President can put the interest of America before the interest of Israel and not be crucified for it. It's a shame that American politicians are selected, not on their commitment to the best interests of America, but by vowing to put the interests of a foreign nation, Israel, first. The oath of allegiance that I said everyday in school was not to Israel, or any country but America.

    A true "friend" of Israel would tell them they need to end the occupation of the West Bank, stop repressing the legitimate national aspirations of the Palestinians, and stop warmongering. The time has come for the US to stop pandering to Israel and it's destructive, belligerent, failed policies.

    Israel 'preconditions' for "peace" are outdated, irrelevant, and biased towards Israel. Why is Israel allowed to lay waste to every international law and convention without criticism and their "enemies" -read Iran,Syria, any one against Israel's failed policies are not entitled to raise a hand in their own defense without raising Washingtons hackles? I hope Obama, and Biden, smartens up.

  2. Maybe Obama and Biden can finally convince a majority of Jewish American to vote Republican.

    M. Wilcox


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