Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saddleback Forum: Edge to McCain

Obama did well on style but what emerged was the great gravitas gap. Simply put, McCain brought the kind of depth and life story that Obama can't possibly hope to compete with. It was a little embarrassing. For example when asked questions like what was the most gut-wrenching decision in your life? McCain referred to his decision to refuse a Viet-Cong offer to release him from captivity and further torture ahead of fellow prisoners who had been there longer than himself. Obama said it was his vote against the Iraq war (in the Illinois State Senate! He was not a US Senator at the time). On adoption of orphans? Obama mentioned the importance of adoption, but McCain simply mentioned that he has actually adopted a child from poverty from Mother Teressa's convent in Bangladesh...and on and on. It was like a rookie from the Minor Leagues going up against a long-time superstar. Yeah, the rookie was young, good looking, smooth... but on substance, there was simply no comparison. The resume is thin in the extreme.

How McCain Won Saddleback

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