Monday, August 18, 2008

Pelosi: "God has blessed us with Obama"

The Messiah's parade of presumptuousness continues as Obama loudly declared to a gathering of the faithful: "I will win. Don’t worry about that." But the day really belonged to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi who went a step further by declaring that the Messiah is "a leader that God has blessed us with at this time." That's right, we have all been blessed by God almighty himself to have Obama as our leader and Democratic nominee. Praise the Lord and hallelujah, for the Messiah himself has been brought forth by the party of abortion-on-demand and appeasement of mass murdering dictators to deliver us from our misguided selves.


  1. I am getting so tired of this asshat. He is so full of BS it is not even funny. He gives the impression he is better and smarter than all around him. He makes me sick. sorry that's how I feel.

  2. The only thing wrong with that Grandpa is that he is, for the most part, smarter than everyone around him. I'm not sure why that makes you sick. It kinda makes me feel good. It's nice to have an intellectual in the white house again. I've never understood why Americans have elected people who they can relate to on an intellectual level. I want someone who is much much smarter than me to run my country. I want the elite to run the country, not the mundane.

  3. Our glorious leader campaigned as being a Christian. I do not know any Christian who condones abortion except possibly for very srecial circumstances.


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