Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama Complains that McCain's #2, Palin, has too Little "Experience"... No Mention of his Own "Experience"

Of course, Sara Palin has run a business, has run a small town, has run an entire State. Obama on the other hand hasn't even run a lemonade stand. Palin, who is on the bottom of the ticket, has far more executive experience than Obama who sits at the top of his party's ticket. And..ah... did I mention that Palin looks great?

More Experience than Obama

More of Obama's "experience" here:


  1. Two quick observation.

    First, the democrats say that this election is about understanding people in small town america. Yet their criticism of Palin is that she was the Mayor of a small town and this counts as 0 experience. So why do they disparage small town Americans as unqualified?

    Second, it is interesting to watch as the media savages another women as it throws Palin under the buss as a VP candidate while it celebrates a man with equal or less experience as a qualified presidential candidate

  2. A fine choice to attract us McCain detractors.
    All three men on the major party tickets have Zero executive branch experience but this Governor has ran two governments, one as a Mayor and one as Governor of the largest state in the union.

    M. Wilcox

  3. Republicans got the Honorable Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, to join the ticket by assuring her that it’s open season on all Obamoose around.

  4. It almost seems as though the Honorable Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, was custom designed for a grand McCain advantage.

    1. Palin has little experience so that this invokes ire from Obama; but Palin has more experience than Obama — enough to cause Obama and the Obama campaign to back down and shut up. This is Obama Cringe you can believe in.

    2. Palin is, as others have described, a “fresh breath of air.” She is an outsider far from Washington, but a very skilled and talented rising star in conservative government.

    3. Palin is pro-life and pro-gun rights and pro-drilling. Need more be said. Go America!

    4. Palin is a conservative and has the righteous right “glowing” with excitement. As a matter of fact, Palin’s selection energizes the right, the center (Independents and others,) and caring Democrats; many of whom feel shafted by the DNC (PUMA and “Hillary to McCain” Democrats.)

    5. Palin is not just a woman. Palin is a hard working and caring mother and wife. Her heart is set on her family and also the people she serves. She really cares about the issues that are important to voters.

    6. McCain’s selection of Palin leaves the Democrats wondering what the hell they’re doing with but a “plug” (Joe Biden).

    7. In a country of Judicial, Congressional and Executive governance; Palin fits the bill — she has more executive experience than Obama and Biden. Both of those guys have NO executive experience. They also do not have Commander-in-Chief experience — which Palin has as Governor of Alaska.

    8. All of the DNC hype for Hillary has now translated into very positive and favorable acceptance of Palin among both men and women, young and old. The race to support Palin is amazing.

    9. Palin is a very attractive and accomplished woman; a very worthy role model for young women in America.

    10. Palin represents admirable qualities and honesty — strong character; a willingness also to seek out corruption and expel it from government.

    I completely agree that the sudden surprise that introduced Gov. Palin simply floored Obama and his campaign staff so much so that they’re still tripping over themselves.


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