Friday, August 08, 2008

NBC Censors the Olympics - Total Blackout for 12 Hours!

This Event Happened Many Hours Ago:
I tried to check out the Olympics opening ceremony today but couldn't find it on any of my hundreds of cable stations. We Americans like to complain about Chinese censorship, but as the entire world witnessed the opening of the Olympic games live from Beijing, The United States stood out as one of the only countries in the entire world where the event was not allowed to be broadcast. The motive was not political but the effect was the same, at least temporarily. I do find it strange that in the age of the Internet and instant global communications, the US broadcasting system remains in a 1950's mode of operation. Anyway, US audiences should be able to see the opening ceremony on NBC at 7:30 PM, about 12 hours after the rest of the world.

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