Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Israeli Nissan Ad Causing Uproar in Saudi Arabia! Boycotts Threatened

This ad is a Russian version, but is an Israeli produced ad also presented in Hebrew. It basically shows a group of Saudi Sheik's exploding in anger and attacking a Nissan because it gets very good gas mileage that will hurt their bottom line as Oil exporters.

Believe it our not, the ad topped Saudi news programs, describing it as a racist attack against all Arabs, and threats of a boycott against Nissan have been made. This kind of ad in the US would be described as borderline "insensitive" but funny in an SNL sort of way, and would probably also cause lines at the dealership to buy the car. I don't think it crosses the line. I don't think it is meant in any hateful way... unlike the kind of crude anti-Semitic material coming out of the Arab world every day. It simply says: Oil exporters won't like our efficient gas mileage.


  1. Aaaaah their poor widdle iswamic feelwings are hurt again.Let the festivities begin Omar grab the swords and all you MohaMADs burn the churchs and temples and someone find an infidel to behead already sheesh.

    M. Wilcox

  2. I think we should boycott oil, most of it comes from Islamic Facsist terrorists states which offends me!

  3. Boycotting oil won't do anything they will just sell it to china. We should get start drilling our own oil and forget about theirs

  4. a oil boycott won't do anything. they will just sell it to china, what we should do is Start Drilling our own oil for the USA

  5. One of the business meeting etiquettes in Saudi Arabia is that when meeting with government officials, a firm date will not be settled upon until you are physically in the country. 


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