Saturday, August 02, 2008

Save the Planet by Offseting Liberal Carbon "offsets"

This is a funny website that I'm sure liberals will not find funny. You can now offset carbon offsets to help save the planet. liberals are trying to destroy the planet by removing essential carbon from our atmosphere:

"Carbon Dioxide is NOT A POLLUTANT! CO2 is vital for plants to survive, plants that create oxygen for you and I to breathe. Our carbon dioxide generator farm is restoring valuable carbon dioxide to the atmosphere at the rate of one cubic foot per hit on this website. Every time you use this website, you are helping to restore the carbon dioxide that the plants and trees require to survive. If carbon dioxide levels drop below 200 parts per million things stop growing."
h/t: Say Anything

1 comment:

  1. Carbon reset is good, but you can also get free carbon offsets:


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