Saturday, August 02, 2008

Catch up Time:

Here are a few things that I would have blogged on had Obama supporters failed to shut us down over the past 48 hours:

House Republicans REVOLT on the US House Floor Over Energy Policy and high gas prices, as Dems go on vacation:

McCain campaign delivers a blistering ad accusing Obama of being the leader of a cult, unfit to be the leader of our country:

Obama backs off of his earlier implied support of slavery reparations. See post below where he delivers speech suggesting he supports reparations.

Obama admits he played the race card, but called it a "Racial Dimension to his 'Dollar Bill' Comments".

Dems object to oil exploration in the US even if gas prices reach $10 a gallon at the pump:


  1. If the Republicans really did have the determination they claim then they wouldn't have quit their political stunt after a lousy five and one half hours.So the gave us an hour and six minutes of their precious time for every up coming week of "vacation" to prove how very very serious they are,count me less than impressed.

    M. Wilcox

  2. Yeah right, M. Wilcox! Pelosi had the lights shut off and everything shut down. If the Democrats cared one whit about the will of the majority of the people who want us to be able to drill for our own oil, they would have stayed. What are they taking a hiatus for? They haven't done anything positive or worthwhile since they've been the majority. They leave during a time like this and should be fired. They work for us, not the other way around. I hope the public wakes up and fires their sorry butts!

  3. In addition, I'm snagging that last video. Thanks for posting it. :)


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