Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Unbelievable: God Bless Columbia's Commandos!

Columbia has been plagued by a leftists, thuggish insurgency for years. Hostage taking is one of their favorite methods. Like the insurgency in Iraq, they are now on the run. Some days deliver good news!
Ingrid Betancourt, former candidate for President of Columbia, was held hostage since 2002. Within moments today, she found herself free and reunited with her mother after an incredible operation executed flawlessly by Colombian commandos. Incredible, simply wonderful news, BRAVO!

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  1. Yep and The President of Columbia has a popularity rating that is nearly 90 percent which is a mere 10 times higher than our Congress at 9 percent.Maybe being hostile towards terrorists pays off so come on Congress man up and take the responsibility that comes with voting for war and actually support the thing.


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