Thursday, July 31, 2008

There's bias, there's being in the tank, there's carrying water, there's kneepads...

And then there's Andrea Mitchell:

Wow. Bravissimo, Miss Mitchell.

This entire post was stolen from Ace of Spades. I am sooooo sorry Ace, I just couldn't contain myself.

Meanwhile, over at Gateway Pundit, the hypocrisy of Obama's recent criticism of Rap music is examined:


  1. So I hear that you've been temporarily shut down by Blogger as a "spam blog" too.

    What is it with these Obamamaniacs? When the truth hits a little close to home they come out in force to shut down all dissent. Perhaps it's an example of what, G-d forbid, 4 or 8 years of an Obama presidency would look like.

  2. Yep;
    My apologies to NE readers; Apparently a wave of Obama supporters has “flagged” the Neocon Express as a “spam” sight and have successfully shut us down until Google’s Blogger programmers can confirm that we are not a spam site. The process apparently takes about 48 hours.

    Apparently, this is a glitch in the ‘Blogger’ system which allows anyone on the net to “flag” any Blogger site as a spam site. With enough “flags” they can shut down a site until Google manually inspects the site to confirm it’s a legitimate blog and not automated spam. Unfortunately, Obama supporters have been abusing this method which was designed to filter out real net spammers, and have been systematically flagging high profile “anti-Obama” blogs on the vast ‘Blogger’ system as “spam” in order to shut down debate.

    I trust that Google will have us up and running in 48 hours as their e-mail to me stated. Again, My apologies; apparently it’s just part of the election “war” that is going on, especially on the internet, so I won’t take it personally. I do think it’s a bad reflection on Obama supporters.

  3. Time to join forces and take these bastards down. I am in if you are.

  4. Is there a place we could go to compare SiteMeter reports, etc, or would e-mailing them amongst those of us shut down work?

  5. SiteMeter is working now. If you removed and saved the code, you can put it back. :)

    Obama for president. What a dastardly thought! He's such an arrogant fool. The idea of rap in the White House doesn't appeal to me either. Please Lord, if you are listening... HELLLLLPPPPPPP!


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