Sunday, July 27, 2008

Polling for Obama VP Pick - I Just Recieved the Call

Biden was also on the Obama short-list poll...

I just received a call from Mountain West Research Center. They were hired apparently to do an extensive survey on four potential Barack Obama running mates:

Tim Kaine - Governor of Virginia
Evan Bayh - Senator from Indiana
Kathleen Sibelius - Governor of Kansas
Joe Biden - Senator from Delaware

The survey was long and extensive (also meaning expensive), bringing up the positive and negatives of each potential running mate and asking to gage my detailed reaction to the positives and the negatives of each one of them. As a declared Republican, they wanted to know if any of the above names would influence my opinion of the Obama campaign. In terms of negatives, they asked about Tim Kaine's interaction with Muslim groups; Joe Biden's big mouth; Evan Bayh's lack of firm stands on anything, and Kathleen Sibelius' lack of any foreign policy and close relations to an abortion doctor. I am pretty convinced that this was an Obama Campaign poll, testing these four names.

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