Sunday, July 20, 2008

Olbermann: Most Decorated US Veteran is the "Worst Person in the Wolrd".

Mentally ill MSNBC host calls Bud Day, the most decorated veteran in the United States, the worst person in the world. I still have no idea how MSNBC keep this nutbag on the air.


  1. Keith Olbermann: the overdue New York State Tax Warrant, Chinese American Trading Company the buyers of his real estate, the corporation

    Keith Olbermann: the address from 2001 of his, the parents of Katy Tur and the civil actions

  2. Your instructions say "Please keep it clean and respectful". I'm one who thinks that comments made by the original blogger, such as "Mentally ill MSNBC host" and "nutbag" are not following the instructions. Can this be explained?

    As to the presumed position that Olbermann takes with the worst person, shouldn't the focus be on what is presented; the comments made by Bud Day. I don't see any mention as to support or repudiation of Bud's comments.

    My considered response is that Bud Day has not shown himself to be worth anyones support based on the comments he makes on all Muslims.

    Are there any readers that care to discuss the issue at hand and not irrelevant notions?



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