Monday, July 21, 2008

The Obama to Speak at Berlin's "Victory Column"

The Siegessaule was erected to commemorate Prussia's 19th-century victories over Austria, France and Denmark. Furthermore, the current location of the monument was chosen by none other than Adolf Hitler, as part of his ambitious plans for the architectural renovation of the German capital. It is certainly symbolic of Germany's Nazi past and Prussia's militaristic tradition.

As I posted days earlier, Obama originally wanted to deliver a speech at the Brandenburg Gate, but the President of Germany, Angela Merkel shot that down as an arrogant and inappropriate location for a mere un-elected political candidate, seeking to campagn on foreign soil; noting that it would be like a candidate for the Presidency of Germany showing up to campaign on the Mall in Washington or at Red Square in Moscow. The entire episode is highly symbolic of the gigantic gap between Obama's elevated estimation of himself, and the sum total of his thin resume and empty life-time achievement. For sheer arrogance and presumptuousness, Obama gets an A+.

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