Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Obama Organizes a Large Political Campaign Rally in Germany

For the first time ever (at least that I am aware of), a US presidential candidate is organizing a large political campaign rally in the capital of a foreign country, directed at foreign citizens. The clear intention is to peer-pressure Americans: You see, the oh so sophisticated Europeans love me, so should you. This is the flier printed and paid for by the Obama campaign to get German citizens to the rally in Berlin; Which will take place at Hitler's 'Victory Column' monument (placed at that location by Hitler himself to celebrate Prussian Military supremacy). Of course, Obama can count on German leftest organizations to bring out the usual rent-a-crowd of lefty activists, But the Obama campaign felt the need to appeal directly to a larger segment of German citizens to show up to the rally, paid for by the Obama for President campaign.

The media keep harping on how Obama is heavily supported by Europeans. But notice how Europeans don't actually vote that way. Germany, France, Italy... all elected conservative governments at this time. A little inconvenient fact that for some reason doesn't get mentioned in all the hype.

This is a Jewish response to Obama's efforts at stirring up German crowds, similar to another person who stirred up German crowds 70 years ago. I will not translate, those who understand it, will understand:

h/t: The Next Right

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  1. But Germany is such a great place for political rallies.


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