Wednesday, July 16, 2008

GI's Complaining, not Enough Action in Iraq

MSNBC reports on their website, front page, above the fold, that US soldiers are complaining that Iraq has become boring, and that younger soldiers are hoping to be transferred to Afghanistan where the action is.

"That soldiers are looking elsewhere for a battle is a testament to how much Iraq has changed from a year ago, when violence was at its height. Now it's the lowest in four years, thanks to the U.S. troop surge, the turn by former Sunni insurgents against al-Qaida in Iraq, and Iraqi government crackdowns on Shiite militias."
You know it smells like victory when your soldiers are bored. We will probably have more GI's killed in traffic accidents in Europe, than in the Iraqi theater. More bad news for Democrats who celebrate every American death as a political victory.

Michael Yon: The War is Over

Side Note: I was just watching CNN. They keep referring to our troops in Iraq as being "pinned down". I don't know about you but when I was in the military, the term "pinned down" usually meant under fire and unable to maneuver because of it. Clearly CNN are trying to conjure visions that they wish for, rather that what is.

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  1. Don't worry, the 'New York Slimes' can always invent a few American deaths if they need them.

    They've had plenty of practice in inventing 'victims' on the other side.


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