Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Global Warming" is Racist! It "Disproportionately Hurts African Americans."

You know it had to happen. What better way to sell "Global Warming" and get a piece of that lucrative scam than to attach it to "civil rights". The new spin is that GW disproportionately effects African Americans. For a complete list of things that you can blame on "global warming", go here. You can pretty much take comfort that anything that goes wrong in your life or in the larger world around you, you can blame it all on... "global warming". It's the new thing to help you cope with your miserable, meaningless life.


  1. "Global Warming Racist disproportionately hurts African-Americans"
    Don't all leftist scams including the stupid hyphenated Amerian thing.

    M. Wilcox

  2. Unfortunately by linking to John's article in Spiked rather than his constantly evolving list you got an old copy. The up to date list includes gems like Loch Ness Monster dead due to global warming.


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