Sunday, July 06, 2008

The World According to Clark and Kerry:

And what the hell is a "community organizer" anyway? I've heard of a local crack dealer who called himself a "community organizer". Really, it's one of those lofty phony titles that one would take on to pump up an empty resume.

Now Kerry suddenly says McCain "lacks judgment" to be president: This is the same John Kerry who practically begged McCain to be his running mate in 2004, and McCain turned him down. These guys are hilarious.

Fellow Former Prisoner in McCain's Defence:


  1. Joe: As we've learned, libs will say and do ANYTHING to win. Disparage McCain on surviving with honor and character the barbaric treatment from NVA? No problem.
    Uber-Lib BHO whom fraternized for 20 years with racist hate-monger? No problem, that's old news as the Clinton attack machine used to say. Get over it.

    F. Garvin

  2. Neither are qualified as neither has spent a single day as the head of the executive branch at any level,not even as a mayor.Neither has ran any business, organization or concern.Both are member of the least popular Congress of all time and have managed to alienate a major portion of their parties bases so I suppose that is the reason their respective parties think either would be a more popular President than G.W. Bush(sarc).

    M. Wilcox


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