Thursday, July 17, 2008

All Three Network Anchors will Follow the Messiah on his International Trip

Yep, all three networks are sending their top dogs to accompany the Messiah on his overseas travel. His first trip ever to Afghanistan, and his first trip in 900 days to Iraq, his first ever meeting with our commanders on the ground. How many anchors accompanied McCain on his travels? ZERO. That' right, ZERO. But we're not in the tank for the Messiah.

Charlie Gibson can't wait to ask the tough questions: Senator, are you God or just the son of God? Or are you trying to have it both ways?

Katie Couric: Senator, do you believe that being the best looking candidate ever could actually backfire on you with the American people, who may feel inadequate looking in the mirror after seeing you?

Brian Williams: Senator, world peace and economic prosperity will be achieved in the first year of your administration. But what if it's achieved only in the second year? Will you consider that a failure?


  1. Greetings Matrix,

    Do you think the corporate media will ever be allowed to talk about me? Somehow, I think it'll only happen when they run out of smoke and mirrors and are left with no other options.

    Very soon now...

    Here is Wisdom !!

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