Tuesday, June 24, 2008

An Embarrassing Day for Israel

GOOD LORD!!! First the highly touted "cease fire" was broken as Palestinian rockets rained down on Israel from Gaza... with no Israeli response. Then a member of the Prime Minister's security detail apparently shoots and kills himself (accident or suicide) during the departure ceremony for French President Sarkozy at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv; two female soldiers faint at the sound of the gun shot, and the two leaders are whisked away in a panic by security. No word on if Inspector Clouseau or the keystone cops were present.

Attacks un-responded to, a soldier shooting himself in the middle of a state ceremony for a foreign leader and others fainting at the slightest hint of trouble; while leaders are whisked away in a panic by security details that no ordinary citizen enjoys. Why does all of this smell so bad?


  1. Inspector Clouseau, sometimes you can't just sound it out...

  2. Thanks for the correction. I did a quick google on "cluso" and it checked out. But I now see that "Clouseau" is indeed the correct spelling.


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