Monday, June 30, 2008

Dem Leader Harry Reid: "Coal and Oil Makes Us Sick"

More proof, if anyone needs it, that Democrats are directly responsible for your pain at the pump. Bottom line, they think you shouldn't be using your internal combustion engine to begin with:


  1. 3.

    Dear Harry, show us some real leadership. Stop using your government supplied transportation and walk to all your destinations or maybe you can get a wild donkey from the Grand Canyon and feed it the grass growing in the many parks of Washington (district of corruption). Save that jet fuel that transports you back and forth from Nevada to Washington and ride that donkey. You could put your staff on donkeys and being the Demo majority leader, you could talk your Demo colleagues to ride donkeys to and from their office to their homes. Think of all the fossil fuel you and your colleagues could save Harry. The donkey dung would fertilize the parks and grow better stands of grass and the donkeys would stop those awful lawnmowers from creating noxious fumes. Read a good book such as “the war against nuclear power” by Eric Skousen. The book is over 30 years old but the scientific facts contained therein will make you ask some intelligent questions i.e. Why did we let the Sierra Club scare us out of the cleanest, safest, cheapest fuel source ever available? Why did we allow the EPA to destroy many of our opportunities to become less dependent on petroleum and coal? Harry, don’t miss this opportunity to grandstand the ideas of the Democratic party from the back of a good donkey.

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  2. Funny I don't feel sick....Oh Harry,Harry,Harry, The only time I feel sick is when I hear your pasty voice.


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