Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Europe Hates America?

Many on the left are desperately trying to convince us that the US is held in low esteem in Europe because of Bush. Yet in many ways, US relations with European powers has never been better. With the exception of Spain, the United States has almost never enjoyed the kind of close friendship and ideological compatibility that it now enjoys with all of the major European elected leadership. If Europe is so "Anti" American as some would have us believe, why do the Europeans insist on electing pro-American leaders and not the anti-US candidates championed by the left? Facts are a stubborn thing:

Angela Merkel is a moderate-conservative with a strong pro-US disposition. Her friendship has ushered in a new era of US-German relations and a refreshing change from the leftist anti-US Gerhard Schroder.

Nicolas Sarkozy, the Neo-conservative of France was elected on a strong pro-American platform and has improved US French relations to a point not seen in almost a century.

Gordon Brown, a moderate-liberal of Great Britain has continued the warm and special relations with the Bush administration established by his predecessor Tony Blair.

Silvio Berlusconi of Italy was reelected last week to lead Italy once again. This conservative maverick has a long pro-American record and a strong understanding of the threat of radical Islam to Western civilization.

All of Eastern Europe...Poland, Romania....the Czech Republic have elected strong pro-American leaders. The entire notion of a need to "repair America's image" in Europe is patently ridiculous. Simply put, we have never had it better.

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