Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Republican Jewish Coalition Launches "I Used to be a Democrat" Ad Campaign

The ads will run in major Jewish newspapers across the country through late spring or early summer.

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  1. This letter could have come from me or any one of my friends. To not see that Obama is an Arab lover and Israel hater and a complete liar is to be blind.

    One day he told the Jewish community in USA that Jerusalem will always be Israel's capital and the next day basically reverted.
    To put Obama in power will be awful for Israel and Jews around the world. Why do all the Muslim countries, Farakan, etc side with Obama? To even consider talking to Iran, Hamas, etc is just naivity. Do we want a naive president? I don't!
    This letter is exactly my sentiments and many others.

    Obama does not have any plans just many promises with are empty and I know that the American public is smart enough to tell.

    Obama is great at avoiding subject and not getting into any debates where the truth about him could come out. Doesn't the American public understand that he has lots to hide and the next American president is basically the most important figure in the world today?

    From a democrat whom is also voting as a republican since I have no other option. The first time in my 42 years that I will vote out of my party sadly.


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