Saturday, February 16, 2008

Harold Ickes: Elections ‘Irrelevant’, Insiders Will Appoint Hillary...and Oh...Florida and Michigan Should Count for Hillary too

Top advisor to Hillary announces that the Democrat primary elections are "IRRELEVEANT" because the "superdelegates" (party insiders) will appoint Hillary. The arrogance of this anti-democratic attitude is hard to understate and I would suspect that Obama will cease upon Ickes' words in a big way. Ickes/Clinton also flip-flopped on the question of Florida and Michigan. Initially, supporting the sanctions on those two states, they now want them in Hillary's camp. Meanwhile, I was surprised to learn that Senator Joe Leiberman was recently striped of his status as a "superdelegate" for the Dems.

1) Appointing Hillary the nominee, even if she fails to win the majority of votes, the majority of states and the majority of elected delegates will be an insult to the African-American community that will be impossible to explain away. Not to mention an insult to the intelligence of every American.

2) It also reeks of a corrupt, smoke filled, backroom-deal, anti-democratic, old Soviet-style politburo appointment.

3) How disenfranchised Michigan and Florida voters who were written out of the Democrat elections will react is another question.

4) All of this of course flies in the face of every ridicules contention in past elections that Republicans disenfranchise and suppress voters...etc...When clearly, such accusations are far more applicable to the Democrats, as these developments colorfully illustrate.

In short, the Dems are now on a fast track to an ugly train-wreck!

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