Friday, January 25, 2008

Romney Taken Out of Context: "I'm Not Concerned About the Voters"

The moment I heard the "I'm not concerned about the voters" quote during last nights Republican debate in Florida, I knew that somebody, somewhere, was already busy editing a video distorting those words. He never should have uttered those words because he should have known how political hacks and other creeps would use them.

Of course, Romney meant that he was not concerned that voters would know his campaign strategy; only that he is keeping his strategy close to the vest not to reveal it to his political opponents on the stage. In other words, it was a statement of respect for the voters which now can easily be edited into "I'm, not concerned about the voters", and played over and over again by creeps and liers. A textbook example of political sleeze. I support another candidate in this primary, but Romney deserves to be treated fairly.

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