Thursday, January 10, 2008

Iran seeks partners for construction of 19 reactors

And why shouldn't they? The US "National Intelligence Estimate" gave the holocaust denier a clean bill of health. What a joke.

Anyway, I was watching the Bush press conference from Jerusalem and was struck by the Presidents tortured interpretations and explanations of the US NIE report. I'm paraphrasing: "Even though my intelligence people completely contradicted themselves, as well as everything that I have been asserting about Iran over the past few years based on their assumptions, Iran is still a threat...sort of." How humiliating for our Commander in Chief to have his own intelligence community undermine his national security policy so publicly, that in a news conference on foreign soil he is forced to explain the unexplainable.


  1. This country has many enemies, unfortunately many of them work at the State Dept. and the CIA.

    These people have a much different view of what our country should be than most of the population. It's an artifact of a half a century of Democratic appointments. It will take a long time to right the ship.


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