Thursday, December 13, 2007

Michael Scheuer on Bill Maher:

If you want to know why Osama Bin Laden is still walking free, watch this video. Unfortunately, our government is full of people like this creep, Michael Scheuer, who was "in charge of the Bin Laden desk" at the CIA....Good lord! No wonder Bin Laden has never been caught. As dumb as a doorknob, as self defeating as a Stockholm syndrome sufferer, this loser also helps explain the mind-set behind the recently released NIE report. As usual, parts of Bill Maher's droid audience will clap at anything. And notice Scheuer's enthusiasm for Ron Paul. What a surprise.


  1. Joe: Scheurer is a confirmed dolt! The guy is so off that even Maher couldn't believe he said Israel is not worth the fight; further, he equated a free Israel's value and existence with that of Saudi Arabia (royal dictatorship) and Bolivia! Years ago, this man led the CIA's efforts to eliminate OBL! This man is unstable. Good grief, he should not be allowed out without adult supervision.
    I guess he's out hustling his latest book. His last book was published during the 2004 presidential election cycle, with the goal of embarrassing a sitting president during war.
    Read a different book, "The Looming Tower." The author cites Scheurer as so loony he was fired and then sat around in the library waiting for the call back to the CIA that never came. At the core of the book, we learn that the CIA witheld vital info on Al-Queada operatives in the US who later went on to hijack the airplanes on 9/11. The FBI probably could've broken up the plot if the CIA would've helped them. Yet this man has the gall to criticize Bush.
    If the battles in the ME were JUST about oil, we could just take it from Venezuela, Canada or Mexico. The oil from the ME is critical to the world's security, even if libs or Euros are to blind to see it. When oil is $200/barrel and grannies are freezing to death because they can't afford heat, libs will be screaming to do something about the price. Trying to stabilize the ME hellhole with pro-Western representative govts. is a good start.

    F. Garvin, Ph.D, S.J.

  2. One of the best reasons for liberal left-wing nut-job shows is they showcase and expose other nutjobs.


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