Monday, December 17, 2007

Iran: NIE Report is a US "declaration of surrender"

And of course, in many ways, Iran is correct. It is truly hard to understate the mind-boggling, collective stupidity of the US intelligence community. With a single US declaration, the entire international effort to isolate, apply political and economic pressure on Iran to halt its nuclear program has collapsed. Russia announced today that it is now moving forward with supplying nuclear fuel to Iran, China has completely dropped any pretense of joining a collective effort against Iran, and the EU have essentially abandoned all pretense of any effort to halt the Iranian march towards the bomb. This is clearly shaping up as the single greatest self-inflicted blunder in US intelligence history. The path is now clear for the Iranian bomb, or to be more precise: the radical-Islamic bomb, and those who compiled and published this NIE report will be accountable to history.

Bush backs nuclear fuel supply to Iran

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