Thursday, November 29, 2007

Partition: 60 years ago today

The 1947 plan was welcomed by Jews but rejected by the Arabs who invaded in an attempt to "throw the Jews into the sea." With overwhelming superior manpower and weapons the Arabs still lost, and Israel survived. 60 years later Israel's UN ambassador delivers a line that is the essence of truth: "On this date, the world got a gift: a state which contributes to humanity more than all the countries in the UN that mourn on this day." In less than the average lifetime of a human being, tiny Israel went from the abject poverty of ragged holocaust survivors, to the largest GDP in the Middle East, larger than all the surrounding Arab nations combined. Cutting edge technological breakthroughs in many fields such as medicine, agriculture and computers...a crop of Nobel laureates. And what in the same 60 years have the Arabs delivered for mankind? Aside for suicide bombers and improvised explosive devices? Nothing but hate, oppression, finger-pointing and primitive religious fundamentalism (which they blame on everyone but themselves).

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