Friday, November 30, 2007

Islamic Mobs: In the name of Allah, Kill Gillian Gibbons

Thousands demonstrate in the Capital of Sudan, calling for the death of the Teddy bear teacher, Gillian Gibbons: "Kill her, kill her, kill her by firing squad." Pictures of the 54-year-old, who was sentenced to 15 days in jail for insulting Islam by letting her class call a teddy bear Mohammad, were set alight or trampled into the dirt. The teacher was moved from the central prison to an undisclosed location to avoid a lynching by the mob. What galls me is that there are Islamic "civil rights" organization in the West that purport to lecture the rest of us on "tolerance."


  1. Rather than this being primarily a religious matter,it is actually a power political chess game and a desperate attempt by the worthless rulers of Sudan to appear that they hold power over Britain, after all the colonial history.

    Some Islamist groups (probably the sheep we see marching) within the country wish to re-enact the times of the Mahdi and Gordon of Khartoum. Bin Laden spent years in Sudan radicalizing the community there and this whole affair in my opinion is a premeditated trap to lure the west towards punishing Sudan in some way so that these idiots can later claim to be victims of a 'barbaric west' (sanctions,isolation,etc) and fuel radical recruitment.

    As petty and immature as all this is, it is their dustbowl of a country and their petty childish laws and a foreigner has little right to protest. We would be going berserk if a foreigner was in our nation and their nation was tough talking as we apply our law. If we withdraw aid and such things then only the good people will suffer and the islamists will have won, in isolating the country from the west and becoming more reclusive and talibanized.

    I take solace in the fact that many Sudanese Muslims and British Muslims are being just as vocal about all this being an absolutely absurd interpretation of blasphemy. The communities in Britain could do more (as in marching up to the Sudanese Embassy with the same passion they were quick to conjure up over cartoons and things). But at least they are quickly up front this time and listening to people who have been saying that they've got to be seen to be distancing themselves from the rage boy radical loonys.

  2. This incident has little to do with teddy bears or Mohammed and everything to do with throwing up a smokescreen to help Sudan continue to resist UN and Western efforts to halt the rape, slaughter and ethnic cleansing in Darfur.

    Now, Jean-Marie Guehenno, the United Nations peacekeeping chief, has said that the obstacles raised by Sudan are putting in doubt the planned deployment of a peacekeeping force for Darfur.

    Is the UN any use whatsoever?

    (more at blogolob)

  3. Agreed. And a U.N peacekeeping force in Darfur would provide a nice supply of blue bereted heads for the Islamists to go after. Elements within Sudan are goading the west. I have a friend who has worked there for aid, and says the government is a corrupt bunch of criminals.

    Sending U.N peacekeeprs could end up being sending lambs to the slaughter and is why I use reference to past history when Gordon was sent in to sort things out. In this latest case it could end up even worse. Because what can U.N peacekeepers do? Appear to be threatening? Locals know they are not allowed to actually act as a military force even though they are dressed up as such.

  4. Joe: I appreciate the analysis of the two previous writers. Let me be more blunt: these Sudanese are a bunch of savages and the US should join in solidarity with the Brits and cutoff every dime of support.
    I have not heard "boo" from US feminist and civil rights group. These groups further expose their hypocrisy when they remain silent in the face of obvious abuse of this Brit teacher. Notice no US education groups publicly supporting her either.
    I wonder what CAIR's position on this teacher is too.
    Candidly, too much of the Islamic world is simply not compatible with Western standards of human rights. Pull out the Westeners and let the savages rot.

    F.Garvin, Ph.D., S.J.


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