Tuesday, November 27, 2007

From Annapolis to Tehran

I haven't commented on the Annapolis love-fest so here are a few quick observations: I wish the conference success, I really do. I don't join those who are out to discredit all efforts at reconciliation in advance. On the other hand, I don't believe for a moment that the conference will lead to any kind of real or lasting peace, but it seems that unlike some others on my side of the spectrum, I genuinely hope I'm proven wrong and by some miracle a path to lasting peace and security is found. Meanwhile, as the delegates at Annapolis dialog, I find it hard to ignore more down-to-earth headlines over the past 24 hours, like these:
Iran builds new longer-range missile
Iran to host militants for 'alternative' Mideast conference
Iran to launch offensive submarine
Iran announces plans for major gulf naval exercise
Iran: "Israel will not survive"


  1. You can add this headline too...
    "IRGC chief warns of Iranian "tsunami" - the story is on my blog..

  2. I too am not sanguine about a solution to the Palestinian problem (and it is their problem). As harsh as it may sound I don't think they have suffered enough to commit to real change and a new way forward.
    With the way the current generation has been inculcated to viscerally hate Israel and resistance to any reform by the corrupt in power at present, I see little likelihood that anything of substance will occur during these meetings.
    I too am hopeful, but alas the Middle East has disappointed me too many times.


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