Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Neocon Salutes Lt. Michael Murphy

While the left holds folks like Michael Moore and Alec Baldwin in the highest esteem, us "normal" folks look to people like Lt. Michael Murphy for inspiration. A true hero deserving of our utmost respect. While most Americans break down when their pet medication doesn't arrive on time by special delivery, there are still men like Lt. Michael Murphy who live up to the words in our national anthem:

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  1. Lt. Mike Murphy is a He-man among He-Men. He more than matches the best this nation has produced ever, from the Revolution, through WW2 and beyond.
    He gave his life by leading his small team of SEAL operators into the lawless 10,000 foot mountains on the Afghan border with Pakistan. This was enemy-controlled land. Just setting foot there took more guts than 99.999% of the US population. He made the final decision to let the civilian goat herders go and whom ultimately alerted the Taliban savages who killed him and two other SEALs. Only SEAL Marcus Luttrell escaped to tell this incredible story.
    Murphy, fought furiously, keeping cool, commanding the others to fight past their wounds, all the while leading his team down the mountain to avoid encirclement. Though wounded and running low on ammo, he ultimately stepped into a clearing, exposing himself to almost certain death, to make the critical call for help. This call alerted his commanders of his location. Without this, SEAL survivor Luttrell never would have been rescued.
    Murphy grew up on Long Island in an upper-middle class home. He graduated college as a civilian, was accepted by three law schools, but wanted to be a SEAL instead. He had no previous military experience. He simply wanted to be part of America's best fighting force. While going through Hell Week, he kept a picture of his dad as a wounded Marine with him. In combat, he wore a FDNY patch on his shoulder. Other SEALs described him as a great leader with enormous courage!
    Of course, nothing can replace him to his parents. But they should remain proud that they raised such an amazing man. Our nation mourns with them, but must take stock that we have such men. As the great Ronald Reagan remarked about the D-Day Rangers, "Where do we find such men!"
    Carry on,
    F. Garvin, Ph.D., S.J.


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