Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Theater of the absurd at US Airports

The inmates are running the asylum. Proff positive that political correctness leads to a mental disorder. This photo is from Dean Shaddock who observed a young Muslim woman waring a hijab, body searching an old Nun as a possible terrorist threat. I was in El Paso over the past few days, and at the airport there, I observed a VERY old lady being taken to secondary because her drivers licence that she used for ID had expired


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  2. Dear sports: Er, I can see why the previous post is anonynous. That's his actual personality. Anonymous! What a tyre iron! What a corn silk! What a rube!

    "I am hello goodbye and Ameriki is evils is destroy and no goodsk I keel all eenfiddles! etc, etc".

    Anyway, this is Melbourne Australia calling. I really dig your blog, you naughty scamp. Yep, give the Left and more, a damn good Mark Steyning!

    Aah, It’s hard to tell sometimes how sunk in Logical Fallacy's, Cognitive Bias and general dysfunction the Left, Liberal and Radical fraud is. This sadly goes for a lot of public and private discourse too. It’s a drag!

    Left and Liberalism etc, are all really an orthodoxy, eh? Nothing but a mechanical package of bankrupt shibboleth's, ideology and well, madness, folks! Yep, a real bore. Of course there's a bad side too! What can ya do? There's touble everywhere!

    I have a shabby blog that's listed on atlasshruggs, Islammomitor and others and after only a few months of my bloggishness. It would be an honour to be listed on your site, sport, if you'll have me.

    PS. Check out a great very smart Aussie site that utterly Fisks the Left/Liberal and Radical 'mind' set at There’s also the Aussie site, that tracks ‘the Trouble with Islam’ in Oz.

  3. anyone can rent a nun's costume...

    As for "little old ladies", anyone could put a bomb unbeknownst to her, in her luggage (I believe this happened to a plane in the 1950's as an insurance scam).

    And my husband once forgot his wallet, but they let him fly because of his age since I vouched for him and had bought his ticket...he's 80...and they just laughed and searched him and me at every airport. The searchers were not only polite but seemed pleased we weren't mad about it.

  4. Yeah, Im sure that's it; this little old lady is just "pretending" to be a nun, but she's really Osama bin Laden.


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