Wednesday, September 12, 2007

NYT: Israel Bombed Syrian Targets, Suspects North Korean Nuclear Facility in Syria

This blog has been silent on the Syria-Israel over-flight incident because I have no information on the details or accuracy of the reports and I don't want to parrot the Syrian version, which until now was pretty much the only version out there. But I will make a short comment on the New York Times article today: If the NYT article is accurate, then this should be the lead item on every main-stream news cast around the world; instead, there is a virtual world-wide blackout on the subject matter, I suspect for a number of reasons: There are no publicly available visuals of the suspected attack or its aftermath. There is no independent verification of the attack. Syria is certainly not interested in disclosing what was hit and simply maintain that the Israelis bombed the empty desert and "ran away" (not a credible scenario in my view). The Israelis for their part are mum, and a few folks in the Pentagon are leaking what they suspect and know. I suspect this is a huge story, especially the nuclear component, and by their silence on the details the Israelis are purposefully avoiding humiliating the Syrians, which would compel them to respond militarily just to save face.


  1. it was an attempt to provoke WWIII but syria turned the other cheek

  2. Love. Look at it this way. Maybe Israel just removed Syria's 'ability' to act out WWIII and that is why Syria had no choice 'but' to turn the other cheek? One to ponder ;)


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