Sunday, September 23, 2007

Columbia University: We Would Invite Hitler to Speak at Columbia

Enough said: the man who instigated World War II and was largely responsible for over 60,000,000 dead, including the systematic murder of millions of men, women and children in concentrations camps, would be invited to speak at Columbia University; but the ROTC and the US military are not welcome. The depth of the moral sickness is endless. What else is there to say, really.

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  1. Joe: You're correct, this man of higher learning is a moral idiot! Only liberals think like this. This dolt believes he can bring here this terrorist-state leader and verbally confront him. Like this would matter one bit. It won't.

    It's the height of self-delusion and hypocrasy to bring a man to speak whose religion kills homosexuals while banning the ROTC for its don't-tell policy. Clearly, libs hate our military--the same one which keeps them free to behave as ingrates--more than they hate American soldier-murdering terrorists. In an honorable world, this stiff and Lee Bolinger should have resigned already and the Fed cut its $400 million annual handout.

    Libs love to see themselves as courageous--fighting against the oppressive system. If this loser were true to his beliefs, he would have invited Iranian dissidents to speak.

    F. Garvin, Ph.D., S.J.


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