Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Blaming the Jews - Hate in Islam (part 1)

The ignorance and stupidity is simply stunning! A belief system adopted by millions in the Muslim world; a must view:

And now for a dose of sanity from Dr. Wafa Sultan. I like to return to her from time to time just to remind myself that there are decent and good people who come from the Arab world, despite all of the bad news:

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  1. Phew I was feeling sheer rage watching that first video. Islam prides itself on allowing anyone to join the faith and that guy in the beginning smugly proclaims it is the fastest growing religion in the world. Of course it is. The fact that it will admit just anyone is the whole damn problem wıth islam in my opinion. 'Do not cast your pearls amongst the swıne' as the sayıng goes. Allow just any old uneducated ignorant monkey who ıgnores the historical facts about the creation of Israel and the childish lies we see in this vıdeo are the result of that.


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