Saturday, August 04, 2007

Fight Legal Terrorisim: Contribute to 'The Legal Project' at the Middle East Forum

My opinion: Some Islamic radicals engage in physical terrorism, others put on a suit and tie and engage in judicial terrorism, it's really the other side of the same coin. Judicial terrorism is characterized by the systematic and predatory use of civil lawsuits, usually filed without any serious expectation of winning, but undertaken as a means to bankrupt, distract, intimidate, demoralize and most of all, to silence political opponents. The use of predatory lawsuits is just one more tool in the terrorist arsenal and has become a mainstay of radical Islamist organizations who exploit our freedoms and institutions in an effort to destroy these very same freedoms. In that sense, there are similarities to the 9/11 terrorists, who also exploited our system to achieve a political objective through an act that created fear and intimidation. One of the most prolific users of this form of intimidation is the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR:
To counter this growing threat of judicial terrorism, many Americans who are concerned with 1)Islamic radicalism and 2) the preservation of freedom, are establishing organizations and beginning to raise money to take the legal battle to the enemy; to go on the offence. One of those organizations seem highly promising and I encourage folks to contribute. The Middle East Forum 'Legal Project' is establishing a network of donors, pro-bono lawyers, researchers, and analysts to participate in this effort. An Advisory Board is being formed that, among other functions, will review and approve applications for assistance from researchers and analysts. The Legal Project will deploy a variety of tactics, including:

* Briefings by legal experts on how to avoid libelous statements.
* Consultations with libel lawyers before publishing on certain topics.
* Assistance to researchers and analysts who have been unjustly sued.
* Assistance to researchers and analysts to defend themselves against defamation.

I would encourage prospective donors, lawyers, researchers and analysts to contact the Forum at for further details.

YAF to CAIR lawsuit threat: "Go to hell and take your 72 virgins with you"

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