Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ahmadinejad: Israel is the 'flag of Satan,' and faces 'disintegration' soon

Little Satan:
Big Satan:Again, it never ceases to amaze me when my liberal friends ignore the words of a madman because to take them seriously would contradict their world view; Especially my Jewish liberal friends who seem to criminally blind themselves to reality. They easily work themselves up into a hysterical rage at the mere mention of the words "George Bush", but can't seem to develop the slightest concern when it comes to the antics of the Iranian President who is marching towards a nuclear bomb, threatens to destroy Israel, and does so openly.

Iran's Revolutionary Guards: We Will 'Punch' U.S.


  1. From the article:
    "On Tuesday, an unnamed official in the Bush administration said the U.S. planned to list the [Republican] Guard as a terrorist group in order to squeeze Iran."

    You see that as a legitimate move on the part of the U.S.?

    Sorry, I don't.

    By naming them a terrorist group, the U.S. has pulled another fast one. That incendiary word, "terrorist" that we just keep throwing out there to keep Americans fearfule, while continuing to emflame the middle east... Wrong, wrong, wrong.

  2. Well, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard have been linked to the bombing of the Jewish Community Center of Buenos Aires, are the primary backers of Hezbollah in Lebanon, and have been supplying insurgents in Iraq with IED's and other weapons that are killing American troops. Yet, you reserve your outrage not for the enemy, but for the US simply designating them what they are. This is what I meam by liberal mental insanity. Literally taking the side of the enemy. Siding with every killer and murderer on the planet if they oppose the US.


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