Thursday, July 12, 2007

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Betty Williams : "Kill Bush"

I have not come to expect much of Nobel "peace" prize winners. It's not even a real "prize" anyway. What does one have to do to win one? Being a mass murderer who pioneered the use of international terrorism helped Yasser Arafat get one; and being an incompetent president and well known anti-Semite helped Jimmy Carter get one. Now we have Nobel "peace" winner Betty Williams of Ireland announcing that she “could kill George Bush.” Oky doky.

Nobel "Peace" Laureate Jimmy Carter

The father of modern international terrorism, Yasser Arafat is also a Nobel "Peace" Laureate. Maybe it's just me and my lack of liberal sophistication.

Ahmad Jibril: Arafat Died of AIDS
Egypt Coordinating With IAEA To Advance Nuclear Facilities
VDH: The New York Times Surrenders


  1. Interesting how those kinds of people...have no control over what comes out of their mouths.
    and usually what does is the antithesis of what they preach.


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