Sunday, July 08, 2007

MEMRI Report: Lebanon 'to Erupt in One Week'

REPORT: Syria has called on its citizens to leave Lebanon ahead of an expected "eruption" in that country on or around July 15th, Arab and Iranian press reports have said. Within Lebanon itself, the Hezbollah-led opposition threatened to establish a "second government" through "historical steps" in mid July, according to senior Hezbollah officials quoted in the Lebanese media. Interviews on Syrian TV with various pro-Syrian "opposition" players in Lebanon strongly indicate that their plan will soon be set in motion. This is essentially part of the Shiite-Sunni struggle for dominance and Lebanon's Seniora government could very well be the next to fall to radical Islamists, just as Gaza fell weeks ago. It is highly likely that our State Department is unprepared, as usual, for the chain of events that seems about to be set in motion in Lebanon which could have region-wide negative implications.

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