Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Brown: Don't say the Terrorists are "Muslims"

New British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has a novel new approach to fighting radical Islamic terrorism: Lie. Authorities are instructed to avoid mentioning the word "Muslim" in connection to the latest episodes, and to avoid mentioning the term "war on terror" as well. Denial is now official British policy. Congratulations.


  1. Certaınly I understand what you are gettıng at, and your frustratıon about matters. At the same tıme, surely you can see why authorıtıes are usıng restraınt about allowıng a free for all worm to ınfect the mınds of every Brıtısh person,that 'All Muslıms = only terror and death?' As frustratıng as ıt ıs one one hand, authorıtıes are probably doıng thıs avoıd a repeat of the 'All Jews = Devıous plottıng untrustworthy rats' sıtuatıon of old Europe (we all know where that led). Although I am wrıtıng from Turkey, I am a Brıtısh Cıtızen and although I am ıncreasıngly frustrated wıth the ımpotence to deal wıth the terror problem, I am also very wary of allowıng a free for all hatred of Muslıms full stop to become the prevaılıng mındset ın Brıtaın. Care must be taken. Or hıstory wıll repeat.

  2. Quick response to "Anonymous."

    Eventually, as more Brits, Americans and Westerners are murdered by ROP-types, we will react and and crack down on ALL Muslims. It's just a matter of when. How many more must die? How many more freedoms will we concede so as to not offend Muslims?
    Here's a short list of freedoms we've conceded already:
    *Brit govt. official position is to deny stating the obvious that Muslims are committed to its destruction. Never in recorded history as a nation defeated a committed enemy without being able to call the enemy by name.
    *Security in mass transit systems must shake down everyone because Muslims want to mass murder
    *US First Amendment bulwarks like NY Times won't publish off-color cartoons because they are offensive to Muslims. NYT has no such compulsion when offending Christians. Yet NYT argued that cartoons were not newsworthy, when we know the truth was it didn't want its buildings blown up and its employees beheaded.
    *San Diego public school now allowing prayer time for Muslims. No similar accomodation made for Judeo-Christians, whose faith system is foundation of the USA. *Public schools no longer have Christmas breaks (although this is what the break is)so as not to offend Muslims and others.
    *How long before public schools have "Ramadan break?"
    *Dearborn, MI now has Muslim call to prayer using public address system. No such accomodation made to Christianity.
    *Muslim taxi drivers in MN refuse to drive passengers carrying alcohol or with seeing eye dog. In virtually any other circumstance the driver would be terminated immediately.
    *US taxpayer-paid footbaths installed in airport and at Univ. of MI to accomodate Muslim prayer. No such accomodation for Christians.

    Again, how much more freedom will we concede? How many more must die at the hands of Muslims before we fight back? Calling them what they are is a very small first step.
    F. Garvin, Ph.D., S.J.

  3. Mr Garvın. Groups of "Extremıst Muslıms", yes. Nobody can deny the many thıngs you mentıon above. But I get the ımpressıon you sımply want to use the word "Muslım" full stop, because you probably despıse everythıng about Muslıms and wısh them stamped out from wıthın your own country and perhaps even worldwıde? I cannot accept that, havıng known many many Muslıms (often ones even lıvıng ın natıons deemed by our governments to be an axıs of evıl) to be the most kınd hearted,generous,lovıng,and ınnocent people I have ever known on thıs earth. At tımes they put our selfısh survıval of the fıttest mentalıty to shame (no, I an not a self hatıng westerner. I just recognıze credıt to Muslıms when ıt ıs due). What would you have me do? Pretend that these people do "not" exıst and just swıtch my thınkıng to say that the word Muslım = death, destructıon, ıntolerance and sheer aggressıve mındset, so that our medıa can spread such an ıdea? No, I cannot because that would be a lıe havıng known what I have known. You know full well what wıll happen ıf the word "Muslım" alone ıs allowed to be used ın news reports, or even the word "Muslım extremısts". Muslıms wıll become the new Jews of WWII Europe. Usıng a heavy broadsword to take out a mınorıty of problematıc people ın our countrıes who do want us erased or wısh to change our culture to how "they" want, ıs lunacy and you know deep down ıt ıs wrong because many many ınnocents wıll suffer. In many cases, changes have occured not from a mass of Muslıms plottıng behınd the scenes demandıng thıs and that change to our culture. Rather ıt ıs often whıte collar and whıte non muslıms ın a polıtıcal correctness offıce somewhere makıng such ıdıotıc decısıons wıth lıttle connectıon to what ıs goıng on at the street level. I see thıs tıme and tıme agaın, not only ın regard to Muslıms but ın regard to all kınds of thıngs. Research wıll show thıs tıme and tıme agaın. Yet thıs ıs hardly ever reported. Instead, the gutter press wıll drag up the latest "We are appeasıng Muslıms" story to get people angry and fearfull and make people start to brand all Muslıms as lunatıcs and a cancer ın our socıetys to be "dealt wıth". You know where that leads. You want to go there?

  4. Mr. Anonymous: Thank you for the response. I know nothing of you other than you are a Brit in Turkey. You know zero about me, so please don't ascribe latent hatred of Muslims as my motivation for writing.
    Like you I've known many first class Muslims. However, almost all the terrorism currently in the world is rooted in Islam. The problem Westerners have is distinguishing the good from the bad. Without a reformation from within, the aggressive, violent, expansionist element within Islam will continue to dominate.
    Westerners can't tell the difference. And the latest outrage of using doctors as terrorists only hardens the view that too many Muslims are dangerous. Without moderate reform, there will be an eventual major clash between Islam and the West.
    Extremism within Islam is not a small percentage. Even within the US, a recent poll stated that 26% of young, male Muslims accept suicide bombbings as a legitimate means of resistance. It's probably higher in UK, Europe and Middle East.
    Recently, a ranking govt. official in Pakistan essentially declared war on Brtiain for knighting Salman Rushdie. The elected leader of Iran openly calls for innihilation of Israel. I recognize your fear of branding all Muslims as bad, but when Muslim leaders incite war, this is much different then Jews in Nazi Germany.
    If anything we should've learned from Hitler, is that we should've taken his mad threats seriously. Today, I do when it comes to Muslims extremists. Thanks.
    F. Garvin, Ph.D, S.J.

  5. The problem Westerners have is distinguishing the good from the bad. Without a reformation from within, the aggressive, violent, expansionist element within Islam will continue to dominate.
    Westerners can't tell the difference.

    On the contrary, the difference is very easy to see (if people care to look). Myself and many others can see it and that is my whole point and precisely why I am very wary of allowing the word Muslim to be used so freely when reporting the actions of lunatics. It is too easy to allow it. Yes the aggressive expansionist types need to be tackled for what they are (aggressive expansionist types) but not being referred to as "Muslims" because the Muslims I keep getting to know condemn these people as idiotic donkeys not having a clue about Islam and the concept of Jihad. Calling these people "Muslims" to make things easy to label them because they happen to use Islam for their purposes' is an insult to the Muslims I know who have nothing but contempt for such folks. Yes there are youth sections in western countries who find it very "cool" to be supporting anything against America/UK. Most are cowardly hypocrites who have failed in their society and now talk against their culture while enjoying the benefits of it and remaining exactly where they are while praising repressive regimes. Are we to use the word of such people as an indication of how most Muslims think? I'd say not.


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